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With Jodi Bourne

Actionable tips, marketing strategies, and professional tools for hosts who want to build and grow your brand, wow your guests and create a more professional, profitable and rewarding vacation rental business!

Dogs Welcome Facebook Group Dog’s Welcome Website / Certification Jolene’s Instagram Jodi’s Instagram Pet-Friendly Amenities: Food dishes, water bowls Pet beds  Dog treats / healthy Dog beds Extra leashes  Outdoor play areas (fenced yard) Pooper scooper and waste bags.   Shaded yard with dog pool, dog water. Chew Toys, snugglies Swimming pool, water, ladder, skimming […]
In this episode, I help you understand how to use Instagram successfully for marketing your vacation rental property and explain five important understandings you should have about Instagram. Take the Instagram Action Plan Audio Course for free through July 2023. jodibourne.com/instagram Follow me on Instagram @heyjodibourne
In this episode, I discuss some ideas for creating a better guest experience for your guests by offering the comforts of home, amazing hospitality, excellent guest communications, and personalized services. When you know your Perfect Guest Avatar and create the Perfect Guest Experience, your guests will treat your property better, give you amazing reviews (even […]
One of the first things you need to do when you start a vacation rental business – or when you are ready to uplevel your business is to create a specific guest avatar. This will help you with every single aspect of your business – from creating a better experience to adding amenities, communicating before […]
Email marketing is one of the best ways to get more direct bookings for your vacation rentals. Email marketing not only to previous guests but also to prospective guests – your future guests. But the best way to do that is not by sending a generic “book your getaway” email. You need to be sending […]
There are a lot of different paths vacation rental business owners take and directions they want to take their brand. This episode shares the roadmap or strategy I use to create a professional hosting business.
Your brand promise The key to building a successful and memorable brand. It is the promise you make to your guests, future guests, employees, community members, yourself and anyone else who comes into contact with your brand. Your mission will clearly communicate your brand’s purpose, your guest experience and how you serve your people. Values […]
How To Write A BADA$$ Listing Description Download Perfect Guest Avatar Workbook – Free Download Instagram Reel – Listing Description No-No Grammarly – Chat GPT – Jasper AI From My blog – 15 Tips For Writing An Amazing Listing Description
In this episode, you’ll learn the five crucial steps to building an independent book direct vacation rental business. These ideas are perfect for hosts in any stage of their business, and many of them are essential steps even if you don’t plan to book direct. You’ll learn: Who am I and what you’ll get from […]