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With Jodi Bourne

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Hi, I'm Jodi Bourne!

I believe in hospitality. I believe in giving your customers your all – and for vacation rental hosts, “your all” means an excellent guest experience – from the first interaction until the last.

And I know from more than a decade of working with owners and property managers of hundreds of homes that those who strive to be memorable, who strive to provide the perfect stay, who love their destination and share it proudly… those are the hosts who last.

They have better reviews. They have repeat guests who take care of their properties and can’t wait to share it with their friends. They ask for higher rates because they have created and are marketing the best of the best. They are the cream – and the cream always rises to the top!

And just like the driven and savvy hosts I work with, I give it my all. I strive to be memorable. I work hard to share my knowledge, expertise, and creativity so that my clients know that my heart is part of their business.

I’ve chosen this career and this business because I love travel and hospitality and through my amazing clients I am able to be a part of thousands of amazing vacations!

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