Overcoming Marketing Burnout: Strategies for Consistency

Links Mentioned: Perfect Guest Avatar Workbook Book Direct Action Plan Insta-Booked Waitlist (+Free Gift) Conrad O’Connel – 1. Introduction to the Episode – Jodi, marks the podcast’s 1st anniversary and reflects on her journey, including hiring a podcast coach to help with confidence. 2. Addressing the Host’s Absence – Jodi shares her 6-month hiatus from […]

3 Reasons You Need A Blog ASAP – Vacation Rental Marketing Foundations

Today’s episode is all about why you should start a blog. I go into detail about how SEO works, how you can be more competitive with your content, and how you can write better, more personal content that creates trust. Finally, i share ideas for repurposing your blog to other types of marketing. Jodibourne.com/waitlist Jodibourne.com […]

Facebook Success: Episode 2

In this episode, I cover questions asked about Facebook marketing, including – How to choose between Facebook and Instagram. Should you start a Facebook Group? And how do you start with Facebook ads.

Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings With These 4 Key Types of Content

Welcome back to another episode of The Savvy Host Podcast! I’m your host, Jodi Bourne, and in today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of content marketing. I’ll share four key types of content to help you grow your audience and book your vacation rental. But before we get started, I want to emphasize that […]

Fall Into Success: Creative Ideas for Seasonal Bookings

Welcome back to the Savvy Host Podcast, the show where I dive deep into all things vacation rentals and help you level up your hosting game. In today’s episode, titled “Creative Marketing Ideas For Seasonal Bookings,” I’m going to explore seasonal marketing and how you can make your property stand out during the upcoming fall […]