Fall Into Success: Creative Ideas for Seasonal Bookings

Welcome back to the Savvy Host Podcast, the show where I dive deep into all things vacation rentals and help you level up your hosting game. In today’s episode, titled “Creative Marketing Ideas For Seasonal Bookings,” I’m going to explore seasonal marketing and how you can make your property stand out during the upcoming fall and winter months.

Even thought it is still August, and still hot in many places around the world / country, people are already beginning to think about and buy for fall. So, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the game and capture the attention of potential guests.

In this recording, I’ll share various strategies to enhance your listing, including adding enticing amenities, updating headlines and calls to action, and utilizing eye-catching photos and videos.

I’ll aslo show you how to optimize your presence on social media and how to incorporate your fall photos and updates into your email marketing plan. This episode is packed with tips, so grab a pumpkin spiced whatever and get ready to learn how to make your property stand out and get more bookings this fall! Get ready to become a savvy host! Let’s dive in.

Key Topics:

– Adding amenities to enhance the guest experience

– Creating a cozy atmosphere with throws and blankets

– Decorating for fall with tasteful touches

– Updating game collections for indoor entertainment

– Providing TV packages for sports enthusiasts

– Mentioning and highlighting value-added features in OTA headlines and listings

– Creative calls to action

– Taking photos and videos to update listings and social media

– Tips for capturing effective photo and video shots

– Utilizing b-roll for creating reels and TikToks

– Reaching out to previous guests via email marketing

– Black Friday ideas


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