Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings With These 4 Key Types of Content

Welcome back to another episode of The Savvy Host Podcast! I’m your host, Jodi Bourne, and in today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of content marketing. I’ll share four key types of content to help you grow your audience and book your vacation rental. But before we get started, I want to emphasize that […]

Fall Into Success: Creative Ideas for Seasonal Bookings

Welcome back to the Savvy Host Podcast, the show where I dive deep into all things vacation rentals and help you level up your hosting game. In today’s episode, titled “Creative Marketing Ideas For Seasonal Bookings,” I’m going to explore seasonal marketing and how you can make your property stand out during the upcoming fall […]

Tips To Showcase Your Amazing Hospitality To Future Guests & Followers

Hello Savvy Hosts! Welcome to another exciting episode of our Savvy Host Roadmap Podcast! In this episode, we are diving deep into the world of hospitality marketing and sharing valuable tips to showcase your exceptional hosting skills. Links:

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Vacation Rental Hosts

On this episode of Savvy Host Podcast, host Jodi shares 10 social media marketing tips for vacation rental hosts. She emphasizes the importance of using social media to connect with people, rather than just throwing content out there. While social media is not the primary platform for booking vacation rentals, Jodi recommends using Instagram for […]

Create & Market A Welcoming Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

Dogs Welcome Facebook Group Dog’s Welcome Website / Certification Jolene’s Instagram Jodi’s Instagram Pet-Friendly Amenities: Food dishes, water bowls Pet beds  Dog treats / healthy Dog beds Extra leashes  Outdoor play areas (fenced yard) Pooper scooper and waste bags.   Shaded yard with dog pool, dog water. Chew Toys, snugglies Swimming pool, water, ladder, skimming […]

Leveraging Instagram For Vacation Rental Marketing

In this episode, I help you understand how to use Instagram successfully for marketing your vacation rental property and explain five important understandings you should have about Instagram. Take the Instagram Action Plan Audio Course for free through July 2023. Follow me on Instagram @heyjodibourne

Tips For Creating A Guest First Vacation Rental Brand

In this episode, I discuss some ideas for creating a better guest experience for your guests by offering the comforts of home, amazing hospitality, excellent guest communications, and personalized services. When you know your Perfect Guest Avatar and create the Perfect Guest Experience, your guests will treat your property better, give you amazing reviews (even […]