In this episode, you'll learn the five crucial steps to building an independent book direct vacation rental business.

These ideas are perfect for hosts in any stage of their business, and many of them are essential steps even if you don't plan to book direct.

You'll learn:

  • Who am I and what you'll get from this podcast
  • Why there is no linear path to building a book direct business
  • How to get my 5-Step Guide To Book Direct
  • Creating a "perfect guest avatar"
  • Why you should market to the people you want to attract
  • Why branding your vacation rental is more than creating a logo
  • A few tips to get started with creating a brand message
  • Why having a professional, modern website is crucial to your brand identity as well as your book direct business.
  • Why you should start marketing your vacation rental ASAP
  • Which marketing tactic you should start with and why
  • Why social media is important beyond marketing to new guests
  • What is a "PMS" system and why it's the most important part of professionalizing your system and direct bookings?
  • Why I love and recommend Owner Rez as a PMS.


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Instagram: @heyjodibourne

Five-Step Book Direct Guide