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Pet-Friendly Amenities:

  • Food dishes, water bowls
  • Pet beds 
  • Dog treats / healthy
  • Dog beds
  • Extra leashes 
  • Outdoor play areas (fenced yard)
  • Pooper scooper and waste bags.  
  • Shaded yard with dog pool, dog water.
  • Chew Toys, snugglies
  • Swimming pool, water, ladder, skimming tool, dog floats
  • Extra towels for pets (colored towels) 
  • Crates 
  • Waterproof blanket for sofa or beds
  • Vacuum and enzyme cleaner for pet hair and stains. 
  • First aid kit 
  • Cat scratch thingy/cat toys? 
  • Dog-friendly restaurants and shops
  • Emergency Vet and groomer recommendations, doggy daycare, 
  • Info about nearby trails, beaches, and parks

Guest Communication and Rules

  • Be clear about pet rules.  If they can’t get on the sofa, where can they hang out – pet beds?  Blankets?  If they sleep on the bed, they are going to sleep on the bed… you can’t stop them, so make it easier. 
  • Where do they dispose of dog poop?  Do you have bags? A specific trash can?
  • Pet fees – consider both options – does it cost you more money to allow pets?  Does it cost you more to allow 2?  Why not big dogs?  Consider extra cleaning fees if there is a problem (deposit) 
  • Pet communication – a letter to the dogs about rules and where they can go.  (from your pet to theirs?) 
  • Add a section to your guest guide and send an email out before the stay reminding them of where they can take their pet – trails, beaches, times, restaurants, parks, etc. 

Marketing your dog-friendly vacation rental

Website and listing sites: 

  • Optimize your listing.  Use those terms pet-friendly, dog-friendly, love dogs, pets welcome, we love our dogs and we will love yours, Do keyword research. 
  • Pet-friendly filter on your website. (cottage stays ) 
  • Add a full paragraph about your pet-friendly features to your listing description
  • Lots of photos of dogs enjoying your home and the amenities you provide. Stayed at a place because of a photo of a dog in the pool.  
  • Blog posts about dog-friendly things to do. Articles about dog-friendly restaurants, hiking trails, etc. 

Social Media

  • Share engaging content featuring pets enjoying your property, 
  • post helpful tips for traveling with pets, and 
  • engage with pet-related communities
  • Consider pet travel influencers. 
  • Use pet-related hashtags on Instagram (show notes) #dogfriendlyairbnb huge, but think of smaller more specific hashtags like “#dogfriendlyaustin 
  • Consider sharing photos and reels of your own pets to increase your following. 
  • This can help you reach a wider audience of pet owners.
  • Ask guests to send photos and videos of their pets playing and make this a reel or highlight series. 
  • Collect specific reviews from dog parents and display those on social media 
  • Dog-friendly travel groups on Facebook 
  • Share your love of pets with your audience. 

Email marketing

  • lead magnet – dog-friendly things to do. 


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