Overcoming Marketing Burnout: Strategies for Consistency

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1. Introduction to the Episode

– Jodi, marks the podcast’s 1st anniversary and reflects on her journey, including hiring a podcast coach to help with confidence.

2. Addressing the Host’s Absence

– Jodi shares her 6-month hiatus from the podcast.

– Discusses the challenges she faced, including personal loss, family health issues, and battling depression.

3. Authenticity in Marketing

– Jodi admits to her struggles with maintaining consistency in her own marketing efforts.

– A candid discussion on feeling disingenuous when preaching consistency but failing to stay on course.

4. Marketing Strategies for Busy Times

– Hire an influencer or content creator to produce video and drone footage for lasting summer content.

– Save and organize social media content for easy reuse.

– Engage in marketing education and stay abreast of new trends.

– Gather emails for future campaigns and consider influencer collaborations.

5. Social Media Engagement

– Encouraging interactions with followers by commenting on their content.

– Partner with local businesses to help each other grow online.

– Feature top content with pinned and featured posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

6. Content Creation Tips

– Utilize user-generated content, highlight reels, and share reviews.

– Keep capturing photos and videos for future posts.

– Update existing blog posts regularly.

7. Automation and Scheduling

– Importance of automated welcome messages in communication strategy.

– Using scheduling tools for consistent content posting.

8. Staying Visible Online

– Running Facebook and Instagram ads for continuous visibility.

– Keeping the engagement level high even during busy seasons.

9. Connection Building

– Building real relationships with followers through social media interactions.

– Authentic sharing through personal anecdotes and casual updates.

10. Efficient Use of Social Media

– Utilizing stories on Instagram and Facebook for effortless updates.

– Creative low-effort content ideas for times when energy and time are limited.

11. Additional Resources and Takeaways

– A guide to additional resources, courses, programs, and book recommendations provided in the show notes.

– Jodi imparts 10 actionable tips to maintain audience engagement without a detailed strategy.

12. Conclusion

– Jodi wraps up the episode by reiterating the importance of staying genuine, engaging with the audience, and finding manageable strategies to keep marketing effective even when it’s challenging to be consistent.

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